How to Get Beautiful Skin

In the previous two articles in this short series on how to get beautiful skin we looked at diet and positive lifestyle changes that can make a big difference. This time round we’ll be looking at beautiful skin care.

The correct skin care is arguably the biggest secret to having beautiful, glowing skin. Make no mistake though…everything we discussed in the previous two articles are crucial too, and by ignoring them you will severely inhibit the results you can get from topical skin treatments.

So, with that said, here’s how to get beautiful skin by using the correct skin care products. We’ll look at four key areas that need to be addressed.

1. Collagen and elastin

These are proteins that provide the connective fibres that keep your skin strong and elastic. They’re crucial in the fight against wrinkles. As you age, these fibres wear out and your skin becomes thinner, weaker and more prone to creasing and sagging.

Any topical product should actively help your skin to produce more collagen and elastin. Beware of creams that claim to contain collagen. Collagen molecules cannot penetrate your skin.

Instead, the natural production of these fibres should be stimulated. Skin cream ingredients like Cynergy TK, a type of functional keratin, can aid this process greatly and increase your collagen levels in the best way possible – through increased natural production.

2. Hyaluronic acid (HA).

HA is found naturally in the body and provides many key benefits to the body, but in terms of the skin its moisture retention abilities is the most significant. While some products can supplement HA directly, again the most natural solution here is to prevent the breakdown of HA.

A Japanese skin care ingredient called Phytessence Wakame inhibits the enzyme hyaluronidase, which is know to attack HA. In doing so, HA levels in the skin will naturally increase over time.

3. Antioxidants

The skin benefits of vitamins like C and E is well documented. Lesser known, but no less potent, is the natural antioxidant called CoenzymeQ10, which occurs naturally in the human body.

When used in skin care products in an easy to absorb nano-formulation, Q10 can have marked anti aging benefits and has shown considerably wrinkle reduction effects. It not only protects cells against damage, but also stimulates the growth of new cells, which is important for beautiful glowing skin.

4. Natural oils and emollients

One of the most popular moisturizers in over-the-counter cosmetic products is the petroleum based substance called mineral oil, or petrolatum. While there’s a healthy debate raging around whether this substance is actually harmful to skin or not, my personal preference is for natural moisturizing oils simply because mineral oils provide no additional benefit to the skin.